God is the greatest artist that will ever be...

Hi and welcome to my little spot on the world wide web.  While you're here; relax, get your self a cup of coffee or a big 'ole glass of sweet tea and enjoy a "look-see" at what I have to offer.  I'd love to show you the world through my eyes.

Seven years ago the Lord took my passion for photography and launched me into a full-time career that hinged upon the phrase, "The colors are so vivid in heaven because there are no shadows there-only total light."  Light fascinates me and I love to take photographs that play with lighting.

God also opened doors for me almost ten years ago to study graphic design, a skill I use in bringing out the nuances of my work.   The favor with which he has blessed me has led me to win several photography awards and publishing of my work.

I am an on-location photographer servicing Central Mississippi, Alabama, New Orleans, and Tennesse, but am available for wedding photography travel world-wide.  

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